My main intention for the creation of this website is to provide virtual tours for anyone unable to travel. I share some of the best examples I can find on amazing holiday destinations, experience of travel, delicious food, fairground rides, flights, cruise ships, street and national park walks, bike rides, castles/abandoned buildings, alternative living and relaxation videos. My hope is not only to provide entertainment but also education… a valuable insight, a broader understanding of the beautiful world we live in.

Of course, these videos can be enjoyed by those who love travelling too, and maybe it will inspire new travel plans!

If you know anyone who can’t travel due to long term health reasons, or simply cannot afford to travel and you think they might enjoy the content on this website, please do send them a link to -> https://thevirtualtour.home.blog/

I’m always interested in finding new videos I can add to this website. If you discover any great videos I haven’t shared yet, please let me know in the comment box below.

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